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Rope Course in Summer Camp


ATTENTION Rio de Los Agos Scholarship Recipients

ONLY apply on RDLA website if you have been directly told to do so from Casey Noland, or your choir director. You must apply online directly to RDLA and get your acceptance before submitting our camp forms.

DEADLINE: April 1st (Please only apply to RDLA if you have been notified by your choir director or RDLA directly to do so)

Casey Noland RDLA Contact Information:

Phone: 916-316-7390 (cell)
Office Phone: 916-209-3405 (leave message)


Thank you RDLA:


Rancho de Los Amigo (RDLA) is truly a gift to Sierra Mountain Music Camp. Every year their foundation offers countless scholarships to local choir directors, those directors (in conjunction with RDLA) then choose deserving students to attend camp on a scholarship basis. Their mission and the gift of their students is truly a blessing to Sierra Mountain Music Camp. To the Board and Staff at RDLA we thank you for your continued support of Sierra Mountain Music Camp. 



About RDLA (


Rancho de Los Amigo (RDLA) or "Ranch of the Friends" was founded by Gus and Peggy Noland as a California Non-Profit Corporation in 1969. The purpose was  to reach California's Youth with music and the arts; especially choral music.  RDLA continues to exist as a California Foundation for Children, Music, Youth and the Arts. RDLA currently provides small to medium level grants for organizations and persons who are serving primarily "at-risk" youth.

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