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Welcome to camp

Musical Scoop

Let's fill the beautiful mountains with music.

Whether you choose choir or orchestra you're sure to have a week

filled with music, friendship, and fun!

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Minimum Age:

Campers must be entering the 4th grade in the fall after camp. 

Chorus students are separated by grade. Junior level groups are from 4th-8th grade, and Senior Level is 9th grade-college. An 8th grader, however, may be moved to senior-level groups as deemed appropriate by the director. 


​Choral Students: No Auditions

Advanced choir students should have some natural talent or previous experience & training.

Choir Programs​

Beginners are accepted in junior groups.  All singers should have a desire to sing in a choral setting.

Senior Boys' Choir was Designed for young men, with mainly changed voices in grades 8 - college.

Junior Choir Designed for campers in grades 4 - 8.

Senior Girls' Choir is Designed for young ladies, in grades 8 - college.



Minimum Age:

Campers must be entering the 4th grade in the fall after camp. 

Orchestra students will be placed by ABILITY at the time of auditions and not necessarily by age. Auditions are conducted at camp on the first day. See below for more information. 

Designed for students who:

  • Can read first-position notes on all four strings without difficulty.

  • Minimum one year of instrument instruction.

  • Know how to play the following major keys: D, G, F, and C.

  • can respond to accidentals.

  • Have begun 3rd position if plan trying out for the first violin.

  • know martelé, detaché, and legatto bowing.

  • are at Suzuki equivalents - Book 2 or equivalent

  • meet the minimum age requirement - 4th grade

  • Note: Placement by audition assessment & teacher recommendation.

  • Small groups and ensembles will be selected during the camp week.

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