See our Sponsorship Page on how your child can raise their way to camp!

We take joy in awarding scholarships to those children in need, and we try to never turn away a child from camp due to financial concerns. That's why we need community support for our "Adopt a Camper" scholarship program. Learn more under our donor section. To all our community supporters we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Each year our tuition is calculated based upon our projected costs. We do not ask paying students to pay for non-paying students. Therefore, scholarships are not part of our budget. However, each year a few caring individuals & organizations do volunteer to assist deserving students who are truly in financial need. Some scholarship sponsors specify students of their own choice; however contributions to to our "Adopt a Camper" scholarship are given and these donors entrust the decision to the SMMC scholarship board.


We recommend that applicants exhaust appeals to their respective schools, service clubs, & music support groups before applying to Sierra Mountain Music Camp. Nevertheless, a strong letter of recommendation from a student's music teacher, instructor, social worker, or pastor with personal knowledge of a student's financial need & deserving qualities will be favorably considered. A committee will review applications & available funds.


Deadline for Scholarship & Grant Applications: May 1, 2021

 (all scholarship applicants must still pay $75 deposit, all deposits are refundable)

Please REGISTER FIRST. Once you register and get your confirmation email, log back into your ACTIVEX account using the orange button below (or link in email). Once logged in below your listed session you will see "Supplemental Forms" click the "FILL OUT FORM" button next to the Scholarship Form header.



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